Tips to Getting More for Your Condo

These recommendations help to give your condo an immediate face lift and help you get more money for your unit. These tips are an inexpensive way to help draw buyers to your home and fall in love with your condo just like you did. The net result will get you a bigger return and faster sale.

1. Tidy it up
Box up items to storage that you are not currently using or odds and ends that you use for display or personal items and keep only the things you use on a regular basis. You want your home to look more spacious, organized and more inviting. You are selling your home, not your personal lifestyle and you don't want buyer distracted from the true features of your home. Don't forget to clear out any off season clothes to make sure your closets appear more spacious!

2. Fix it up
Go through your unit, room by room, making a list of any little adds and ends that need to be taken care of. Buyers take notice of small things that make the unit look tired so make sure to repair any broken closet doors, leaky faucets and toilets and tighten loose doorknobs. Never under estimate the power of lighting, so all fixtures should be functioning with working light bulbs.

3. Spruce it up
A fresh coat of paint can add so much value, for little cost. You don't have to repaint everything, but do consider freshening up hallways and rooms that need it most. Choose neutral colours to appeal to most buyers.

4. Pretty it up
Staging your unit especially if your unit is vacate definitely leads to a quicker sale and typically add to higher sale prices. Buyers have a hard time envisioning themselves in a vacant unit, but when you stage the condo, you are selling them a lifestyle that appeals to most people. A perfect example comes from pre construction projects, where builders are selling a dream from a model unit as buyers have a hard time buying just from the floor plan.

5. Clean it up
Now that you've removed all the needless clutter, you should try to clean the unit from top to bottom. Everything should be spotless and tidy. The key thing is to try and keep it this way for all showings! Before you leave in the morning, make sure beds are made and dishes are away in case interested b

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